ORD CE 2021 R2 - Cross sections - annotating slopes for non-template segments

Hi there,

With ORD, since the very begining of Connect Edition, I have had issues with annotating segment slopes on cross-sections.

Is possible to annotate slope between two points on cross sections that are not created with corridor template? 

Time ago I was told it will be solved in 2021 R2, apparently it is not. I can not force software to annotate slope between points, eg from my site design. I tried listing Feature Definition, Point names, created dummy template in itl to chose template segments - no success.

Please advise how do you annotate slopes or distances between two points that are not orginated in the itl template.


  • There has always been an issue with slope annotation on the cross-sections. With ORD 2020 R2, I succeeded in annotating Cant and Wall Height as " point to point" vertical distance. With ORD 2021  and R2, such exercise was impossible, though the same annotation group. ( imported as XML). The slope of the segments has been an issue and remains with 2021 R1 and R2. I did a lot of tests but never succeeded. In General,  annotation of the cross-section remains unresolved with ORD AND ORLD. Furthermore, In 2021 R1 and 2021 R2, ghost elements are annotated. 

  • Yes something that used to work: Defect 1142339:Xsection Annotation - Annotate user defined segment (not part of a template)

    Unfortunately workaround is not so quick. One way, I don't want to annotate each cross section, is to create a template with same number of segments we want to annotate and create point control to each point. Set corridor feature definition to not display component.

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