Contours annotation


we have the OpenRoads products since nearly 6 years now on the market, and until today I can't create designs with correct contours annotation to deliver to customers. I'm forced to switch with terrain models to PowerCivil to automatically annotate the contours of a whole terrain model. My customers and german authorities don't accept the OpenRoads output. I have a Service Request with Bentley Support since more then 2 years to solve this bug, but Bentley lists it only as enhancement.

Am I the only one user who wants contours annotated Up-Slope? I learned this long time ago as (worldwide) cartographic and geodetic standard, and OpenRoadsDesigner has this option also as standard in the manual contours annotation - but you can't annotate big models with the manual option (as the only civil software on the market).

What do you with contours annotation?

My actual update to Bentley is the following statement, now I'm waiting for the answer (after the last request for update nothing happened).

As of today, with the new version, the problem isn't corrected. This means the software is not fitted for production. With this update we are in year 6 of OpenRoads, and you're not able to deliver a n usable product. The change from "defect" to "Enhancement" shows yuo're not even understand your users and their work. OpenRoads is in the moment tho only civil design software to not deliver and support worldwide cartographic standards for annotation contours. This made the terrains in designs unreadable - and will not be tolerated and accepted by customers and authorities. So I ask again - when will we have a working software we pay since 6 years for? I need in short time a substantial answer and update for the request.

Best regards

Steffen Roemer