Cleaner Components in Cross Section View

Good morning,

One area that we are struggling with on ORD is trying to present cross sections in much the same way that we did previously for our clients. The current "problem" is with the way the cross section cuts through components that are not based off the cross section alignment. For example, I am cutting cross sections based off the mainline alignment and all the mainline components look good (see attached XS.pdf). But when that mainline alignment cuts through the adjacent drive components, all the vertical lines are present through those components. When looking at the plan view of the corridor, it makes sense why the drive would look like that (it is creating those vertical lines at each template drop location it crosses). Are there any recommendations for a way to "clean up" the look of the drive? In other words, get rid of all the vertical lines and only show the top and bottom of each component? 

I'm working on getting people use to the idea that the cross sections are accurate slices through whatever the corridor is, and in this case that's what the model looks like due to how it is created. Any thoughts on how to ease this transition of viewing cross sections for others not familiar with the process?