SURVPN-CROSS (Point Locator) keeps disappearing when modifying a point. ORD Connect Version 10.09 (not unique to this version)

Photos to illustrate issue only. I'm having an issue when I move, or modify a survey point in any fashion (change field code, shift XY location, etc), the SURVPN-CROSS (point locator) vanishes and does not visually return if file is closed and re-opened. The point still exists in my survey explorer, but with no graphical node, I cannot use the point anymore (IE: connect other survey chains to it, etc.) Is this a settings issue, or just a glitch. Any input welcome, as it's essentially halting all production. 

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  • If you click the "Support" link just below the Bentley Communities banner, that will take you to the support page. One of the links on that page is "Service Request Manager". That's where you would go to file an SR.

    There is a caveat - not everyone at every company has the permissions to request service. If you don't, you will need to contact whoever your person might be to send it for you.


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