Editing Civil Labels

How can we edit properties of labels that have been placed with the Civil Labeler in 2021 R1? We have labels that are rotating themselves when we exit and re-enter a file and would like to change some of the settings that you would ordinarily adjust at time of placement (such as the items in the snip below). Digging through Properties and Explorer haven't yielded any results on this. Are we just stuck re-placing all of these labels?

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  • Why, oh why, for the love of all that is good, why would Bentley do away with the Geopak labeler before perfecting a newer tool/method? The ORD labeler is pretty good, but it should be possible to edit a label. With no disrespect, the ability to create and properly edit a label is one of the most basic things needed in plan-production. It may be a "new feature" for ORD, but since we've had a decent way of labeling for 20 years, it should be a new-and-improved feature that's working out the gate. Slight smile

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