OpenRoads user preferences not saving on ProjectWise Managed Configuration

I'm using OpenRoads Designer CE 2021 release 1. I'm trying to save my settings so I don't have to recreate my preferences every time. I can do this fine locally, but when I open an ORD file on projectwise (which uses a ProjectWise Managed Configuration) it doesn't load all of my saved settings, just some of them. And when I try to save the settings it doesn't remember them next time. I've checked my configuration locally and on projectwise and they're both pointing to the same Personal.upf file. In fact, when I save settings on the projectwise file it messes up my settings the next time I open the file locally. So I'm wondering what's going on with the ProjectWise Managed Configuration that's preventing it from loading all of my settings.

Specifically the settings that I notice get messed up are in Preferences>Operation. I like to have two application windows open but on Projectwise it resets that and also unchecks save settings on exit. But it does load which toolbars I have docked.

I probably can't change much with the ProjectWise Managed Configuration, that's controlled by admins at the company I think, but is there any way to make it so that files on Projectwise load all of my preferences instead of just some of them? What's overriding certain preferences and can I turn that off somehow?