Corridor Disappears When Creating Civil Cell

OpenRoads 2021 Release 2:

I've attached two files (one file for before I create the civil cell and one for after):

After Creating Civil Cell.dgnBefore Creating Civil Cell.dgn

Explanation: I have a very simple corridor that is locked to the start/end of a line with a profile. 

When I create a civil cell, using the line as a reference. The components in the 3D model disappear:

Reprocessing the corridor/civil cell does nothing. I've used various seed files and tried ORD 2020 Releases with the same result.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions,


  • Hi Jason,

    you can definitely include a corridor model into a civil cell, as well as linear templates, terrain models, and surface templates.  However, I have found it necessary to make a distinction between Placement References and Construction References (using Bentley's terminology).  The Placement Reference will ultimately be the horizontal alignment (for example) upon which your corridor is based (which should have its own active profile.)  You then create a Construction Reference by using Single Offset Partial or Single Offset Entire, with offset set to zero so that you are basically duplicating the horizontal alignment (or a portion of it).  The Construction Reference is therefore ruled to the Placement Reference.  Next, create a profile for the Construction Reference by using Profile By Slope From Element (with slope = 0%), again using the Placement Reference as the source.  From that point forward, be sure to create your corridor by selecting the Construction Reference as your baseline, not the Placement Reference.  I don't know why this is necessary, but it seems to be the case, at least when I've created civil cells. Note: you may have to use Remove Rule on the Placement Reference before using it for the Construction Reference.

    Civil cells are great for the end user, but can be a pain to create.  Good luck.

    Karl Dauber, PE
    Advance Consulting
    Laurens County, SC

    Answer Verified By: Jason Tschida 

  • Seems odd that in SS10 there was no issue with placing a corridor/linear template on the Placement Reference... but this workaround will do. Thanks Karl!

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