Item Types Syntax from Mesh to Linear Quantity?


I have an inquiry for all of you who have dealing with Item types/ Asset Manager. When I define the properties of a template, the areas represented on the template * the distance I am running my corridor calculates in exactly the manner in which I would expect, presenting me a volume of material (and attaches the correct Pay Item, Description, etc. based upon the assigned data for the component). I would like to get the linear length of a particular material- curb and gutter for instance- by assigning a template component to the curb and gutter and have it calculate not the volume of the curb and gutter but rather the length of the curb and gutter. Is such possible, or would I be forced to use one of the template linear features to receive this quantity? I ask this question because I would much rather calculate and have assigned the Pay Item number and other attributes to one area of the template (Components) rather than two (Components and Linear). I believe that MicroStation can do this with solids, but can OpenRoads do this with a mesh?

Thanks in Advance


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