Openroads Designer CE 2021 Release 2: Level Display not maintaining on/off overrides

I'm brand new to using Openroads Designer, and Bentley products in general, so I feel like I may be missing something simple. Here is my issue;

I have a nested file in which I want to turn the display of in sheet view. We'll call this particular file "TARGET." Hierarchal order is: File A > File B > File C > File D > TARGET, with File A being the current session. Through the "Level Display" I navigate to TARGET, highlight TARGET, right-click, un-check "display." After doing so, I can see that TARGET is no longer showing in the current session. I then Save/Save settings. Upon switching to a different view in the current session and returning to the previous view in which the change was made, TARGET is now turned back on. This same issue occurs when turning off/on specific levels within TARGET, not just the file itself entirely. 

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.