Extra 3D models created

Has anyone else encountered this error/bug or has any idea why multiple 3D models are automatically getting created/attached to a file even though one already exists? I am placing a 3D civil cell with geometry points set to use the active terrain elevation. Default-3D was created when I made a terrain active, but as soon as a I try placing the civil cell, it generates Default-3D-1 and Default-3D-2 which are unable to be deleted...

  • It appears your civil-cells may be causing a recircular reference and confusing the 2D/3D dependency made automatically by the software. Is this a civil cell you've made and have seen work elsewhere?  Make sure you're snapping to a 2D element within a 2D view (those 2D elements may or may not need an active profile depending on how the civil cell was made.  Also check that the terrain you set active is a 3D only file and attached correctly to the 3D model of your dgn.  Sometimes those get switched and 3D gets attached to 2D mistakenly.  

  • Hi, I did make the civil cell myself and it works as intended, just creates 3D models too when placed. Wouldn't a circular reference give an error or make it not able to be created? I select centerlines that have profiles for two of the eight CC references with Default-3D turned off so they are the 2D components, and I am not using those profiles for the cell - just the terrain to set the elevation of points. The points are the only 3D components of the cell. The terrain I attached is a 3D file but as I'm working in 2D has its 3D model attached to Default-3D. I don't think I should be working in 3D but maybe I'll try that...

    Does anyone know how a 3D model can be removed?

     Kristina Yuen, PE
    ORD 2021 Release 2

  • The way I remember civil-cells working, when created, whenever construction lines containing an active profile gets used, those same lines will look for an active profile in those steps (e.g. EOP, BSW, etc).  When attempting to use said civil-cell, select those elements and their active profiles will be used.  Also, points may not be as useful in civil-cells as lines.  As problematic as civil-cells have been traditionally, I'd guess using points in those steps may be causing the issue.  Only chance in removing the 3D-Models being created is to remove any associated data tied to those.  Try detaching the surfaces and reattach once they've been removed.  Use the Explorer dialog for any data possibly tied yet not visible (may be easier to see any associated points).  There's also a keyin "Civil Display Browser" that may reveal issues... using toggles along the top of that dialog. 

  • Thanks for your insights, I'll look into what you mentioned. The civil cell is for staking which is why I wanted to use points - seemed like a quick way to pull elevation data.

     Kristina Yuen, PE
    ORD 2021 Release 2

  • Kristina,

    I see that you are using a terrain model as part of your reference elements.  Is this TM a "real" TM (i.e. the same TM you might be suing for other parts of your design)?  I would suggest you use a dummy TM in the civil cell file and set that as the active surface.  I have seen this cause the extra 3d model creation.  You can simply create a TM at some constant elevation using a MicroStation shape.  Create your cell within this region.

    Once those 3d models are there it is very hard to get rid of them.  You can try MicroStation Connect and detach them.  Or, if that does not work, in MicroStation, try going to the reference properties and browse to some other file, any other file, and then try to detach that.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi Marc, thanks for the response. My CC does use the "real" terrain since it's still in the testing phase and isn't in its own dgn/dgnlib file yet. I will try creating it in a separate file with fake elements and terrain and see if placement in another file still creates the models.

     Kristina Yuen, PE
    ORD 2021 Release 2

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