Is setting CIVIL_UPGRADE_PROMPT_OFF=0 the same as %undef it?

I want to make sure our users are always told when a file they open is going to be upgraded to a new schema, but some of our client workspaces (and occasionally workset.cfg files outside of our control) turn off the prompts by setting CIVIL_UPGRADE_PROMPT_OFF=1

I'd like to prevent this variable from being set but you can't %lock an undefined variable to prevent from being set. Instead, if I set CIVIL_UPGRADE_PROMPT_OFF=0 and lock that, will it have the same effect as being undefined?

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  • From that link, it doesn't look as if there is any way to lock the prompt ON. You can only ensure no prompt/open read-only or no prompt/ upgrade automatically.

    How do we lock the prompt ON so that users cannot disable it?
    I understand that if the variable is NOT defined, the prompt will be shown. But users, being who they are, may end up setting this variable at the user level, which is NOT desired behavior. How can we ensure that this variable STAYS undefined, regardless of what the user might try to do? As Kevin mentioned, we can %lock variables at higher levels so that user configurations have no effect, but there is no way to %lock a variable that hasn't been defined. We don't want it defined, we want it to stay undefined.


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