Import Geometry XML - Blank File


I am trying to take horizontal alignments w/ their respective profiles that were originally created in V8i and import them into a new DGN via an XML file. I go into PowerGEOPAK V8i, select the geometry, go to Horizontal Reports, and save as an XML. I can open this XML and it appears sound. The horizontal and vertical definitions are there. Of note, it is indicating XML version 1.0 in these files (not sure if this has anything to do with it or not). When I go into OpenRoads Designer (CE 2021 R2), I go to Geometry, Import/Export and select my .XML file. On the Import Geometry dialog box that comes up, the top portion shows a checkbox with "LandXML...", but there is nothing below that like there normally would be, eventually showing the alignment names to be imported. I can check the box and resize the dialog, but nothing shows up. If I check the box and still hit Import, there is nothing brought into the DGN file. 

The horizontal alignments are very simple (two alignments, each just a tangent line). The names shouldn't be an issue ("PRA" for horiz and "PRA_PG" for vertical).

Any ideas why this is not importing?

Thanks in advance all!