Reference files do not appear in OPR

I'm using Open Roads Connect version and I can attach reference files but they do not appear on my drawing. They are listed in the Reference File Manager and the display button is on. Thanks 

  • The Fit View tool has the option for "Reference", which should zoom the window to where your references are. Does that help?
    Another thing to check is that you have the correct model of your reference DGNS attached. if the model attached is empty, there will not be anything to display.
    Another couple of items would be to make sure that the levels are turned on for your references, and to see if the view attributes for "Constructions" is turned on. I have seen both things show "nothing".


    Power GeoPak
    Power InRoads
    OpenRoads Designer 2021 R2


  • This is my issue....

    The reference files will load and all the levels are on but I do not see the .dgn   It might be due to the reference files being used are SELECT 4 Series and I'm using a newer version of Open Roads that's not compatible???????

  • The linework should still be visible even if the file is read-only, unless the file can't be found. In that case, however, it would be red, not black, in the reference dialog.

    Are the references already attached? or are you trying to attach them? If the file is read-only, you probably can't attach references, and it would be a bug for it to "pretend" that you can.


    Power GeoPak
    Power InRoads
    OpenRoads Designer 2021 R2


  • Hello Kent,

    I would like to mention sometimes this issue might occur is due to a 2D Model is attached to a 3D Sheet Model. Can you please check Z value which is assigned to the reference as if this Z value is too large, the reference may not display ?

    This could also occur when attaching a 2D Model to a 3D Design Model.

    You can also try the following: 

    1.Create a new 2D Sheet Model

    2.Attach the reference to the new 2D Sheet Model and Fit the View. 

    You can also check this Z value as shown in the attached snapshot. If this Z value is large, change it to a smaller value or Zero and Fit View.

    If still issue is persisting then I would suggest you to please first upgrade all your reference files to a version of OpenRoads Designer which you are currently working and then after attached as a references.


    Purva Lakde