style set editor

style set editor box  is opened when i click on it.i want to change my chainage interval.

tools>style set ediot      (but its now working),how to fix it?

  • Hello Anurag,

    Could you please elaborate your issue about the style set editor box if you are getting any error?

    Here you can change the interval for chainages.


    Purva Lakde 

  • hello mam,

    actually style set editor box is not open and disappear within a second. i upload a clip, please check it out, 

    thank you  

  • Hello Anurag,

    I would suggest you to create a new plan display from  File > New plan display> display your model.

    If still issue is persisting then go for Reset Configuration :

    Go to All programs > Bentley > MXRoad > MX options > Reset Configuration.
    You can also refer Restoredefaultssettings .

    Please refer the following steps for your reference.

    1. Right click on MXRoad > Properties > MXRoad Properties dialog will open.
    2. Type “-RESTOREDEFAULTSQUIET” in front of target path in shortcut tab and click on apply. Please refer snapshot as shown below.

    1. Try to open the MXRoad, this setting does not allow you to open the MXRoad if you could type correct “-RESTOREDEFAULTSQUIET”.
    2.  Again right click on MXRoad > Properties > MXRoad Properties dialog will open > Remove “-RESTOREDEFAULTSQUIET” and click on apply, this allows you to open the MXRoad.


    Purva Lakde

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