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Opens roads question? I have a model where the proposed contours do not match into the existing contours and was wondering if this happens all the time? Can this be fixed, if so how? See image below.

  • Generally, this occurs when the template drops are too far apart and only tie in at each actual drop and the areas between drops are straight line connections as opposed to interpolations. You can add Key Stations manually to try and address this or increase template drops. if you increase template drops, you might want extra design stages to add multipliers to the drop distances while working on corridors, as tight drops increase processing times.

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  • Another thing that could be happening is that there may be a difference in existing vs. proposed in the direction of your slope.  OpenRoads is always going to resolve your templates normal to the alignment.  It’s unlikely that you’ll end up with a perfect scenario where your contours will match even if the slopes rates are identical.  The only way you would be able to get these to line up perfectly would be to use hand grading of break lines and contours in a terrain vs. a linear corridor.



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