Create Cut Fill between design models

The create cut fill volume tool can be very useful but I was wondering if there is any way/workaround to use it between design models. To my mind there is no way without changing the feature definitions of the elements for one of the models to the existing volume option (or another one other than design) which would be messy.

I want to ideally avoid having to go through the process of starting to create formation terrains for everything if possible.

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  • I actually switched which models I used and it suddenly worked. I later had to do it again with another existing Terrain and had a similar issue in a different area.

    Creating top terrains aren't an issue as I already have a graphical filter setup to do so, it's the formation I need to account for and the tool was a very convenient way of doing that.

    One of the problems I have is the templates haven't been designed to remove vertical faces from the underside of the corridors so creating reasonable formation terrains wouldn't be easy. I think given the seemingly unreliable results I've had recently I think I'm going to update the templates to ensure I can generate formation terrains going forward just incase.

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