ORD 2022R1 Survey and D&U Bugs

While evaluating the adoption of OpenRoads Designer 2022R1 (ORD 10.11) we were told by a DOT client that they've encountered multiple bugs/issues associated with the 2022 R1 (10.11) release, and that these issues will be resolved in the 10.12 release expected in March. We haven't been able to find any information on what these issues/bugs are with the 2022 R1 release with Survey and Drainage and Utilities; has anyone encountered these issues?

  • Samuel:

    I have encountered quite a few issues as regards DU. Item Types assigned to nodes via the DU dgnlib attach fine and quantify correctly; however, conduit listings (dropdowns) can be attached to an Item Type and chosen when placing a conduit, but they will not be quantified at all. If one places a conduit and THEN assigns an Item Type to it, it will then calculate the plan and slope length (assigned through calculated properties) correctly. At times, the program has- in the past- required one to exist the file in order to "refresh" the data (I assumed), and this is still an issue with the initial placement of nodes, but it seems to be stable with them after exiting the program and going back in. Exiting the program does not "refresh" the calculated properties as regards conduits if one has assigned the Item Type to the DU dgnlib. For now, I have removed all Item Types from my conduits and manually assign them AFTER placing the conduit. 

    The new feature of showing conduit walls appears to work at first, using the element template line weight, style and color, but the lines are shown and assigned to the ACTIVE level, NOT the level assigned through the element template; we do not show centerlines of the conduits, only the interior walls. As well- and for whatever reason- these walls do not appear at all when choosing an elliptical conduit. It does work (as a display, sans the correct level assignment) for box, circular, and arch conduits. 

    There are a few other "minor" things which escape me currently, but there are still- QUITE ANNOYING- issues, especially as regards Item Types.

    Are any of these issues ones which were mentioned by your "DOT client"?

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