Vertical profile override on template point

Hi all,

I am tryingto locally modify the edge of a path to match the fall of a crossroad. The edge point is created in the template, I am then profiling the edge point, and attempting to manually insert a profile into the profile that has been created by the template.

I have managed to break the profile that has been created by the template and then make the changes I require. I have then made a complex element and set this as the active profile, however it doesn't want to override the vertical alignment that is automatically created by the template as when I look at the cross section, the point is still above the existing surface.

Is there something I'm missing?

The image below shows the profile (the one created by the template is in cyan and the one in white is the modified profile that I have set as active). I have also attached a cross section view with the point circled that I am trying to modify.