[ORD 2022 R1] D&U Conduit Material Annotation

I am trying to modify my Storm Sewer Conduit Annotation. I would like to label it as shown in photo 1.

I would like the material to use a different name. Photo 2 shows my Text Favorite.

I am using Util.Link.Material, and it picks it up correctly from my model (Photo 3).

My organization uses different names (Vitrified Clay = VIT, Concrete = RCP, Corrugated HDPE = SICPP, Ductile Iron = DIP). I couldn’t find a way to rename the materials in the Conduit Catalog (Photo 4).

Is there a way to rename them in the library, or ideally, is there another field I can use in the text favorite to show my alternate material name?  Can I define the material used for annotation as an ItemType in the Feature Definition?

  • Josh:

    I went through the same thing a few years ago and for the same reasons.

    One can access the materials library through Drainage and Utilities> Components> Catalog> Engineering Libraries> Materials Libraries. Do a "Save As" on the Bentley Default, and then use this "new" library to make your modifications,. You can use the right-click "new" command to create a blank material entry (i.e. RCP) and copy the data from i.e. "Concrete". You can then assign RCP as the material to your round concrete pipe. The elliptical that you have referenced here would be our conduit type "RCPE" which I would also create a material for and so on.

    Apparently, Bentley does not understand how much we LOVE our acronyms out here...

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