[ORD 2022 R1] D&U Conduit Material Annotation

I am trying to modify my Storm Sewer Conduit Annotation. I would like to label it as shown in photo 1.

I would like the material to use a different name. Photo 2 shows my Text Favorite.

I am using Util.Link.Material, and it picks it up correctly from my model (Photo 3).

My organization uses different names (Vitrified Clay = VIT, Concrete = RCP, Corrugated HDPE = SICPP, Ductile Iron = DIP). I couldn’t find a way to rename the materials in the Conduit Catalog (Photo 4).

Is there a way to rename them in the library, or ideally, is there another field I can use in the text favorite to show my alternate material name?  Can I define the material used for annotation as an ItemType in the Feature Definition?