Civil Labels and Elements off by a factor of 10

Hey community,

I've been having a recurring problem when generating sheets and placing annotations using the Openroads workflow.  I am using the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) workspace.  I create a sheet container file from scratch using the IDOTeng.dgn seed, and bring in some references before cutting sheets. For reasons I don't understand, certain civil tools create items and annotations that are off by a factor of 10 given the annotation scale.  For instance, in the picture below, the centerline alignment annotation comes in at the proper sizing for the 1" = 20' scale, but the civil labels generated by the civil labeler come in exactly 10 times too big.  However, the arrowheads on the leaders extending from those labels are the correct size.

Sometimes, the tick marks for the alignment annotation come in at the right size, and the text 10 times too big.  With other drawings, the text comes in 10 times too small.  When I change the annotation scale, the text will always be off by a factor of 10.

At times the named boundary tool also cuts the named boundary length by a factor of 10.  For example, for 20 scale plans the length should be 600', but it comes in as 60'.  Changing manually to 600' makes the cut sheets look screwy.

This is maddening and requires me to scale all sorts of annotative items by 10 at random.

Our civil workspace is entirely within one directory on projectwise, and the IDOT standard dgnlibs can be copied to local folders in the project directory so they can be edited (but I don't want to do that yet).

I appreciate any help.