Managed WorkSpace Not Showing Features Name Fresh Setup


I have setup a entire new managed configuration for OpenRoads Designer but it is not showing/enlisting any feature definition names to it.

If I use the same configuration locally then able to see the features without any issues.

But in managed env, it is not showing the features name, why? When a file is loaded from managed env, it loaded successfully in OpenRoads Designer without any issues, no worries or any sort of error.

I have checked by creating a new dgn file but no luck

  • In the Configuration dialog box, there is a File menu with a Show Configuration Variables command. Thiis opens Notepad with a summary of all variables and their assigned values.

    If you generate this summary for both local and managed workspace, you could compare the differences. Notepad++ has a compare files plug in that is very good at this type of effort. I would isolate the variables in each list that are related to Feature Definitions before performing the comparison. Be aware that the managed workspace side will likely show a lot of folders that are part of the ProjectWise Working Directory paths, but you can than look in those folders to confirm their contents and also compare the folder ID's in ProjectWise with the working directory numeric folders.

    Additionally, in the Working directory, there will be a workspace subfolder which contains the CFG files used to build the managed workspace. These might also provide a clue.

    Finally, I believe that if the software cannot create the workset dgnws file, it will use the no workspace/no workset mode. 

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  • Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I have managed to solve this concern, it was due to corrupt pw.cfg file. Once re-installed the application issue sorted out.

    Regards | Deepak Singh