User preference only save if using No Workspace>No WorkSet

I've found that our user preference will not save if we open a file using a WorkSpace. We can make the changes and they will work for that session but as soon as the program is closed they settings revert back to how they were. The only way they get saved is if we open a file with No WorkSpace. I'm currently using version, but we've had this issue for a while now. I've tested this with a couple completely different configurations and on 2 different computers so far. I suspect this is a base MicroStation issue, but I'm using OpenRoads so I'm posting it here first.

I've also noticed that the recent Workspace and Recent files don't save either which I think is related. There will just be kind of random WorkSpaces and files shown and usually a different set will show up after opening a file and the closing the file without exiting. 

Anyone else seeing these issues or have any idea what's going on? 

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  • Yes just working locally no ProjectWise involved. Rusty has had issues for a while now where he couldn't get his button assignments to save. He tried all kinds of things to fix it like deleting the upf and reinstalling. At some point he accidentally got it to save. 

    I haven't noticed much issue on my computer until today when I was trying to figure out why the recent Workspaces don't really save. Then I noticed I can't get any preferences to save if using a WorkspSpace.