Custom linestyles ORD - drop annotation scale

I'm newer to ORD and have been googling for a resolution with no results.


I have a custom linestyle of dashed pavement striping, 10' dash w/30' gap.  is there a way to drop the annotation scale for those lines so they wont scale according to drawing scale and stay true size?  i need those to stay true 10'/30' regardless of drawing scale.  It would only need to be applied to those dashed lines, other custom linestyles will still need to stay active with drawing scale changes.  I just haven't found a solution yet and would appreciate and feedback for remedy.



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  • Thanks for the feedback.  This would be the answer, but not the one I was hoping for.  I was really hoping there was a command to select those lines and turn that off that way.  Issue with your suggestion is this is a DOT resource and not the easiest to manipulate.  As a sub on multiple PW projects we are locked out of making those changes.  I really need to saveas DOT's and create a company standard .rsc to make and apply those changes.  If only there was a magic command to avoid all this, lol.  Thanks!

  • I would reach out to the DOT to explain the situation. We did not know about this setting when we created our initial workspaces that used such custom line styles.

    But, if the striping is used in a file with no other linestyles that need to scale, you can change the Model Properties for Line Style Scale from Annotation Scale to Global Line Style Scale. You might need to set the reference file settings for that file to use the reference setting instead of the master file.

    One last possible solution is for you to create your custom linestyle set to Physical and import it into any DGN file that needs it that way. Then, the internal linestyle will get used before any external ones.

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  • Thanks, yes this DOT is ironing out bugs and making changes and just posted an updated workspace.  I need to get with them and explain for future improvements on next update.  I really like your last possible solution, thats a good idea and i can bypass issues on a client's PW workspace as workaround, very good idea!

  • I would extract the striping to a separate ref file and adjust attachments a discussed and this would avoid changing client's resources file until they update them.