OpenRoads Designer Compatibility Issues on Intel Evo Laptop

Hello fellow forum members,

I'm facing some compatibility issues with running OpenRoads Designer on my Intel Evo laptop [] and could use your assistance in resolving this matter.

To provide some context, I heavily rely on OpenRoads Designer for my civil engineering projects. However, I've encountered certain challenges when trying to use the software on my Intel Evo laptop.

Here are the specific issues I'm encountering:

Installation Errors: During the installation process, I encountered errors or inconsistencies that prevented OpenRoads Designer from being properly installed on my Intel Evo laptop. As a result, I'm unable to access the software and utilize its features.

Performance and Stability: Even when OpenRoads Designer is successfully installed, I've noticed performance and stability issues on my Intel Evo laptop. The software tends to run slowly, freeze, or crash unexpectedly, impeding my productivity and workflow.

Graphics Rendering: I'm experiencing difficulties with graphics rendering while working in OpenRoads Designer on my Intel Evo laptop. The quality of rendered models, designs, or visualizations may not meet the desired standards, hindering my ability to accurately represent and analyze project data.

I kindly request the assistance of the community in troubleshooting these issues and finding potential solutions. Have any of you encountered similar problems when using OpenRoads Designer on an Intel Evo laptop? Are there any specific steps, configurations, or updates that could enhance compatibility and resolve the performance and stability issues?

If anyone has successfully resolved similar compatibility issues or has experience using OpenRoads Designer on an Intel Evo laptop, I would greatly appreciate your insights and recommendations. Are there any specific system requirements, driver updates, or software patches that I should be aware of to ensure optimal performance?

Thank you in advance for your support and knowledge. I'm looking forward to your valuable input and suggestions regarding these challenges with OpenRoads Designer on my Intel Evo laptop.