Line Style Scale setting within Model Properties

I have been running into an issue or bug when it comes to Line Styles. Within ORD, I will create the Design model and set the Line Style Scale setting to Annotation Scale. I will then set my active Annotation Scale appropriately and then reference in some files. When I am viewing it here, everything looks correct. After I create sheet models using this design model as a reference and then go back to the design model, the line style scales seem to return to a scale of 1 and are no longer honoring the Annotation Scale. The only work around I have seen is to change the model properties from Annotation Scale to Global, and then switch it back to Annotation Scale. This will allow me to see the line styles at their proper scale, but the next time I get into the file, I will have to do the same thing. The line styles in the sheet model are always consistently showing in the correct manner though. This behavior happens whether I create the sheet and references manually or if I use the Named Boundaries method.

Anyone else running into this?