Unlock root folder

We are using the IDOT standards and when creating a workset using the IDOT template the root folder is greyed out.  We would like to be able to choose the root folder to match our file structure.  Any pointers on where this can be turned on/off? We still need to use the template as we fill out fields for the sheet sets.

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  • If you set up the template WorkSet folder the way you want it to look, you should really only need to modify _USTN_WORKSETSROOT

    That variable tells ORD where your WorkSet definitions are found. This is best defined at the end of your WorkSpace cfg file.

    When you create a WorkSet using a template the entire WorkSet template folder is copied as is to the new WorkSet name.

    Beyond that if you want to get creative and remap where the dgn files are stored and any WorkSet standards files, then you can modify the _USTN_WORKSETDGNS, _USTN_WORKSETSTANDARDS, and other variables as needed in the WorkSet template cfg file.

    There is no need to worry about defining the _USTN_WORKSETSTANDARDSUBDIRS variable as your WorkSet template folder overrides it.


    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst