[ORD] MX 160 Displacement Report Function Equivalence in ORD


I am looking to report horizontal and (optionally) vertical offset differences between two strings at points / intervals defined by a reference string (base alignment).

In MX there is a very useful function ‘160’ which does that and provides output in a practical tabular format.

In ORD I only managed to use Station Base report which provides offsets from a base alignment (first selected string) to subsequently selected strings, in separate rows. Currently there doesn’t seem to be a report that would calculate and list the offsets between two non-base strings i.e. the subsequently selected strings. So, the offsets need to be calculated in Excel.

Such report can be very useful in reporting pavement widening as differences between proposed and existing edge of pavement or other strings comparison.

Perhaps someone has an xsl that can provide formatting for Station Base report that achieves the above?



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  • I can attest to developing a skill set in XSLT will prove valuable for ORD. I found that while there are some books devoted exclusively to XSLT, often books on XML will contain sections on XSLT. And if you can find those books on clearance, it is less painful on the purse. I have a library of $30+ books often purchased for $5 or less.

    i started learning this when the Report Browser became part of InRoads. And I learned a lot by studying the delivered reports.

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