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We received feature definitions from our client (a DOT), but we would like to make some edits to make it more usable for us and our clients. We are going to see what the DOT version provides and then go about making the changes where it falls short or where it may just be incorrect. Some of these edits could be the same thing on many of the features. Is there still a way to edit these within a spreadsheet or XML? The last time I was working with survey features was many years ago and haven't got into much since ORD. 

We are currently using ORD CE 2022 R3


  • I believe it is still available but may no longer be supported. These is a configuration variable required to enable the Import/Export. And you need the latest Migration tools. This will l involve exporting Feature Definitions, Feature Symbology and Element Templates.

    The Survey Feature Definition tab has columns for Point and Linear Feature Symbologies. The Feature Symbologies will have tabs for the point and linear symbologies. These will have columns for the Element Templates.

    The paths may include the tab name as the root of the path, but on the tab the root is the child folder. And some use a leading slash while others do not. It makes for a complicated effort to get from Survey Feature to some of its settings.

    I usually create a working file that pulls from multiple sources and concatenates cells and strings and then uses VLOOKUP to find matching columns.  

    BTW, I found the variable:_CIVIL_STANDARDS_IMPORTEXPORT = 1

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