Water Line Profile - Pipe Deflection

I am a Civil Engineer and work with numerous applications in which pipe deflection plays a key role in my design process. For example, creating plans and profile for large (ex. 36" Ductile Iron Pipe) water lines in congested areas can prove to be challenging considering the larger the pipe the less deflection at the joints. In order to draw these layouts on the plans, I have to convert the deflection of the bell into a radius on paper to show where the pipeline needs to be deflected by the joints only and where the pipeline may need a fittings and restrained joints. The equation that I use to convert this deflection to a radius is as follows: Radius = PipeLength/(2*tan(((MaxDeflection*pi)/180)/2)) where "MaxDeflection is in Degrees and "Pipelength" is the length of one joint of pipe in Feet. Is there a way in Geopak or Microstation, based on the existing ground profile, to automatically draw the pipeline with the defined radius instead of manually drawing curves tangent to each other? I have attached a DGN file showing a simple example of the design process.
Profile Example.dgn