Reverse Curves

Is there a way in InRoads to create a reverse curve without having a tangent in between the curves?


Example, I am making a 400' (radius) curve that goes to the left and has a 400' (radius) curve that goes to the right with no tangent.  It is making an "S" shape. 


When I create this layout in MicroStation I can import the alignment by going File -> Import -> Geometry -> From Graphics and selecting the Horizontal Alignment from the drop menu.  I use the "Check Integrity" of the alignment to make sure it is in right. But this is a hassle to do once the alignment is already created and you are making changes to it.


Once I have the alignment already loaded and try to make an "S" curve it gives me "Solution overlaps or contains discontinuities".  If I make my curves have a 399.9' radius then it will work with a very small tangent in between, but I don't want any tangent I want an "S" shape.  Any solution??  Hopefully that makes sense.