InRoads v8.5 cross section datum text node

When InRoads cuts cross sections there is a text node that is place in the lower left coner of each section. This is the node that tells InRoads that the graphics were created by InRoads and contains the InRoads data associated to it. Is there a way to define what level that node is placed on? It seems to me that it is placed on the same level that the datum line is placed on.


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  • In older versions the text node was placed on the active level.  The text node is now placed on the same level as the bottom axis, I believe.  Placing the text node on the active level made it reside on different levels from set to set witch causes some issue relative to level usage reporting for some users.  The text node is now controlled by the preference for the cross section grid line.  It seem to work well this way we always know what level it is on and really should never need to know or see the text node.

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  • Thanks for the info. We just ran into a situation where I used power selector to grab the elements on an entire level and the node happened to be on that same level. I did not realize this at the time and when another person updated surfaces they were not showing at the correct location. That's when they figured out what happend. It would be nice if there was a way to lock those nodes to prevent accidental deletion or manipulation.



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  • Or for a tool to replace or repair the text node if it gets screwed up.

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