InRoads V8.5 SP 5 installation issue

I have a user who's machine was just upgraded. We are using Win XP Pro SP3 installing MS V8.05.02.70 as we always do and InRoads 8.5 SP5 as we always do. When I go to start InRoads through MS Load MDL application The IR splash screen comes up but I get an error that says Cannot open initialization file -- exiting. When I hit the ok button It says Failed to load INROADSMK.DLL.

In the past, when installing these programs, InRoads would not initially load through the MS Load MDL. I would get the Failed to load INROADSMK.DLL. I would then go into Windows Explorer and click on inroads.exe. Then MS would start and load IR and after that IR would load through MS Load MDL. When I try the same process on this machine MS starts but does not attempt to load IR.

This is the first time I have run into the Cannot open initialization file -- exiting

Does anyone have a solution????

  • When you install InRoads or re-install InRoads on a computer and want to start it for the very first time, you should start it by clicking Start > Programs > Bentley Civil Engineering > Bentley InRoads.  By starting InRoads this way the first time, it will basically check and set entries in the registry file.

    If this does not work, then I would recommend uninstalling the InRoads service packs then InRoads, then Installing InRoads v8.5, then installing Service Pack 5.  After installation, start InRoads through the Start > Program menu.

    If that does not work either then I would contact support and get a service ticket logged.

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  • Finally have the issue resovled. I tried what you suggested Art and that did ot work. I did some rethinking and went through this process.

    First I uninstalled all of the Microstation and InRoads programs. Then I killed all of the Bentley registery values. I restarted the machine.

    As a side note- we had an issue with Microstatio V8 2004 loading on machines that were "upgraded" from Windows 2000 Pro to Win XP Pro SP3. The program would not run. At the time we were going to upgrade to MS V8 XM and after installing the prerequisite pack for XM, V8 2004 ran fine.

    I started out by installing the Prerequisite pack for MS V8i. Then I installed MS V8.05.02.70 and then InRoads V8.5 and finally SP5.

    I went to start InRoads the way you sugeested Art, by going to <Start <Programs <Bentley Civil Engineering <Bentley InRoads. Microstation started but again it did not load InRoads. At that point I just went and loaded it as an MDL it it started.

    We normally load it through the MDL application anyway so it does not need to load the other way.



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