InRoads XM - 3D Tadpole Symbology

Are there options in InRoads for generating the 3D slope direction symbology lines for cut and fills in plan view, similar to the Slope Signature Strings using a TadPole symbol in MXROAD? I saw the discussion here within describing it using MXRoad and would like to have it available in InRoads.

Currently running InRoads XM 08.09



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  • I am unsure as to the process of how MX draws the "tadpoles" or Slope Direction Pattern (InRoads > drafting command).

    In InRoads, Display the DTM Features if using interactive mode. Define the symbology. Apply. Then Select the two features to draw the tadpoles, Primary; Secondary; then reference. Reference is the line or feature that determines the interval and direction (normal to the reference line). Generally that wouuld be the shoulder or EP line.

    If you want it automated, then use feature style pairs.

    Example style pairs: Shoulder -> toe of slope and/or Ditch Bottom -> top of cut

    This will automatically place the patterning betwen features of these styles.

    Are these the results you desire?

    This is a test