Free Vehicle Turning Simulation

I’ve developed a free vehicle turning simulation for Microstation V8 (and AutoCAD,Bricscad)

Since IR doesn’t have this included (yet) and other professional alternatives are expensive this freeware might be of interest for this community.


You will find the Microstation V8 version here:

  • Nice job. Look forward to giving it a run.

  • Lars,

    This is very good. A few of the chaps here are already using your CadTools but to be able to use this directly in MX is a bonus. Thanks.


  • Hi LAKL,

    First off you are most generous to offer this tool to users at no cost. Thank you!

    I gave it a quick run and can offer some feedback.

    At first glance it appears you have done well in modeling the tracking of the vehicles. I can imagine the challenge of modeling articulated vehicles through complex geometries. Well done!

    However there are 2 glaring shortcomings that I think you should address right out.

    1) Considering the many wheel and overhang paths that are generated, it is difficult to distinguish what the various lines represent. There needs to be a way to differentiate the graphics such as assigning preconfigured colors and linestyles or levels, etc.

    2) When reprocessing there needs to be a way to remove or regenerate the old graphics. Perhaps by creating graphic groups for easy selection and deletion (probably the best option) or by making the software erase and recreate the graphics automatically.

    I'll be watching for new developments.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. I spoke too soon. I see now that you do create graphic groups. My GG lock was off. Ignore that comment.

    Neil Wilson (aka Neilw)

    Power Civil v8i

    AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018

  • This is great!

    I could have use this 2 weeks ago for remaking a ramp in Coimbra stadium for the U2's concert.

    By any change we could get elevations? :)



  • Pretty slick. It even works in PowerCivil for NA!

    Charles (Chuck) Rheault
    CADD Manager

    MDOT State Highway Administration

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