InRoads V8i End Area Volumes Issue

I am having an issue calculating end area volumes from cross sections using InRoads V8i (V08.11.05.47).  Specifically, I have broken up the granular sub-base into several components across the roadway in order to more easily deal with various conditions in the same template by turning on and off certain components.  The result is that our end areas are not being properly calculated using the Volumes -> End Area Volumes tool.  The sub-base area calculated in InRoads is exaclty one component short of the actual area measured graphically.  The component in question is exactly the same as the other components as far as properties go, only its shape is different.  We have confirmed that it is a closed shape.  I have also tried changing its style to another material and run the volumes tool again only to see that new material listed in the volumes report but with zero quantity.
If anyone has anything to offer on the subject it would be greatly appreciated.