GeoPak install with Windows 7

I need some help!  I have a new computer with the following setup:

Windows 7 Pro SP1

3.2 Ghz AMD Phenom II processor

8 GB ram

64 bit os

At my office we have Microstation V8 ( and GeoPak (  I have installed both programs in the (x86) directories and Microstation works just fine.  However, the "applications" menu pulldown for GeoPak does not show up when I start Microstation.  I'm assuming it has something to do with the 64bit OS and the older software, but can't seem to figure out the secret.  Does anyone know why GeoPak won't startup with Microstation?  Is there something that I needed to do during install that I skipped? or is there some configuration variables that need to be changed?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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