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We are using Power InRoads V8i, Select Series 2.

We have been developing our InRoads XIN file and levels on a stand alone system.  When we provide a new Project Default and associated pathing that is directed to a project on our network server, the levels are not available and the Project Default paths do not appear to be respected (ie: does not open on Project Default Directory path but are forced to browse to it each time).  Any thoughts on what the likely reason is for this type of performance? 

  • One issue might be the folders with the % character. Did you browse to these or type them in?

    You are allowed and even encouraged to use MicroStation or operating system variables in the dialog box. The syntax is explained in a note in the help file. Its about 7 paragraphs into the topic.

    • You can set a windows system environment variable to define a project working directory. Use Project Defaults to set the variable name using the syntax, $(variable) or %variable%. Refer to Set a Project Working Directory.

    This is our standard MicroStation Project. Every variable listed is defined somewhere in our workspace. As long as a user selects the project that defines the client workspace (& sometimes version of MicroStation) not only are they making sure the right cells, fonts, linestyles, levels, etc. are loaded, but they also are setting their InRoads settings.

    I do use a VBA application to assign the default top level folder. The issue with trying to use one of the automatic variables is that you have to open a file before they are assigned and I need to work with the full path of the current file to extract certain info as part of my VBA so that not only does it assign variables, but it complains if the file is not in a standard folder.

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