At the 2012 BE Conference, five SELECTseries 3 workshops were given.  During the beta forum, we had them posted.  Now they are once again available, this time in the Learn community.

Best of all, they are FREE!

You will need to log into Bentley LEARN to launch the course but they are FREE to everyone, no training subscription or SELECT of any sort is required. Anyone can create an account to log into Bentley LEARN (same account you would use to log into Be Communities, Bentley Web, etc.).

The five workshops provide a great foundation for the new SELECT series 3 OpenRoads technology and include:  terrain modeling, horizontal geometry, vertical geometry, corridor modeling, and non-corridor 3D modeling.   Each workshop includes the manual (in PDF format), dataset, and video of the workshop exercises. 

To access the material, you can use your BE communities login.(or sign up if you don’t already have one, but remember it’s free).    Start at:

Guests may browse learning paths and all of the training offerings available. Guests must login to register for live training, view on-demand self-study training, or to enroll in learning paths.  So register or use your BE Communities login. 

If you have never been on the LEARN Server, you may want to take a tour.  Note your screens may vary slightly, depending on how you log in.  While some areas of the Server do require a subscription, there is lots of FREE classes as well.  So check it out!  Now, back to our objective, the workshops…

Click Find Training (orange button in middle of screen).

Select Road and Site Design from the listing on the left side.

Scroll down and select SELECTseries 3 Technology Preview.  All workshops are listed. 

Click on Free - hands-on  (#1) to launch the course and open the secondary window.  Click Download (#2) to download the dataset (including standards).   Note that these workshops were done prior to the creation of the Civil workshop, and each have their own workspace.  In order to run correctly, check out appendix A, which usually details how to run the workshops.  Clicking on the name of the course #3) opens the manual. Back on the main dialog, click Free - Lecture (#4) opens the video. 


So give them a try to learn some of the great features in SELECTseries 3 using OpenRoads technology.