ss3 - random level changes in 3d model


I have a Default 3D- model wher 3D graphic of my corridor is displayed. All pavement components have own feature definition with element templates along with levels. When I attache another 3D model of different corridor and or simply close and open Microstation something strange hapens.

My wearing course component were orginaly on Component_Concrete level and now the level is  changed to level 40, binder course is changed to level 39 and so on... I need to reprocess corridor to make it right again. However when I switch to attached reference file to reprocess another corridor and com back to the original file, component levels are changed again...

I have the same workspace (a little adjusted bentley-civil-metric from delivered examples) in both corridors. I use the same dgnlibs for feature definitions and element templates.

I have no idea what is wrong. I think it happens because attached corridor overlap corridor form the main file a little and I use the same feature definitions and components' names  in both corridors.

Pleas tak a look at attached screenshots. I really do need some help now. 



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