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Inroads Drainage Structure Annotation

I would like to annotation my manholes using a "witness" line and have the data display rotated 90 degrees.

I can get Inroads to annotate like this:


But I want Inroads to annotate like this:



It appear that the "offset annotation" feature under "Annotate Driainage Profile" is suppose to help accomplish this but no matter how much I fool within I just can't get it write.


Can someone help me out?


  • I am not an expert on Drainage Profiles, but at  a previous employer, we had three preferences to annotate one drainage profile. We used it as follows:

    1. With Ink Mode On and Delete Ink Lock on, Annotate the profile with Preference 1
    2. With Ink Mode still on but now, with Delete Ink Lock Off, Annotate again with Preference 2
    3. Once more, with Ink Mode still on and Delete Ink Lock Off, Annotate again with Preference 3

    If the design changed. the process was repeated. Step 1 automatically removed the previous results, since Delete Ink Lock was On.

    The reason for the three preferences was because some labels were placed vertical, as in your example. Some were Placed horizontal and some were placed matching the element angle. We also sometimes used the same label in more than one way and sometimes changed prefixes and suffixes.

    You top example looks more like a Drafting Note. There is a rotate setting in it. That might allow you to align things vertically too.

    IMHO, the Drainage Profile Annotation tools need a major overhaul. For any item, we should have the ability to completely customize every possible setting and even add additional graphics. Something along the lines of the Custom Codes in Survey. Actually, every annotation tool in InRoads or the new OpenRoads tools needs that type of complete customizability. (If that's even a word!)

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