InRoads Ss3 Export XIN to Element Templates

In testing, I learned a few things worth sharing.

For a feature to export as an element Template, it must be defined as follows:

  • Defined as a surface feature.
  • Defines as a Component
  • Defined to display lines in 3D/Plan
  • Defined with Default or Plan Line Symbology. It is not necessary to define a cross section symbology..

It was this last two that I found tricky. When I first started using Roadway Designer, I defined 2 types of components - surface and volumetric. I defined the surface components to plot in 3D/Plan, but only defined the volumetric components to display in cross section. For grading - the same component was used for cross sections and 3D/Plan display. But for any item with volume, I defined, in my templates, dual components. The closed shape components were the volumetric elements which I only expected to use in cross section. But along the "top surface" segments of these closed shape components were open components that could be displayed in 3D/Plan as meshes for rendering.

When I attempted to export these to an element template XML file, those with no default or plan display did not export.

This does bring to mind a few questions, so I am turning this into a question thread.

Is there any way, once we fully migrate to OpenRoads, to have levels for 3d/Plan display that are different than cross section display, as we could do in InRoads?

Does the current cross section tool use the defined Named Symbologies and therefore still support different cross section symbology, if defined as such?