Elevation-Volume (Stage-Storage) Data from GEOPAK SS3


I'm trying to get incremental volume information out of a pond terrain that I've created in GEOPAK SS3 to develop a Stage-Storage table  for pond routing in PondPack.  I've reviewed the analysis tools and can't seem to find any way to do this.  Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Hi Matt:  You cannot generate stage storage tables using the drainage analysis tools.  You need to use GEOPAK Drainage routing tools.  In GEOPAK Drainage, you create a drainage project.  Then in the drainage menu go to Components > New Routing.  One of the options there is to compute a stage storage table.  You can do the complete pond analysis using the routing tools in GEOPAK Drainage, but, of course, Pond Pack is much more robust

    Robert Garrett
    Senior Product Engineer
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