Edits to Special Ditch Profiles Not Being Recognized

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I have created special ditch profiles for the end conditions to target in my templates and it worked the first time but now it is not recognizing changes to the ditch profiles.  I've added points but it is not finding the profile beyond what was originally there.  Also if i rename the profile and change the templates to target the newly named profile it still finds the old one even though it no longer exists.

  • How are you targeting the vertical alignment?  Are you using priorities in the template or an end condition exception?  I assume that you are setting your End Condition Properties to Target Type "Alignment XYZ" as shown below.  Is this correct?


    When you add points to your vertical alignment, are you simply using the command Geometry > Vertical Curve Set > Add PI?  Then after you go back into Roadway Designer, none of the changes to the vertical are honored?

    Is there any other relevant information that might help me to troubleshoot this issue?

  • I'm facing similar issue in Geopak

    But, in my case, the target is not finding the linear geometry.

    I tried targeting with linear, feature definition.

    Also, the ditch profile is added as an external reference to the corridor.

    The ditch foreslopes had 2 constarints earlier (horizontal and slope). I removed the slope constraint, so it can follow the ditch profile.

    Please suggest!



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