Bentley Civil Content for Visualisation


I figure since we are approaching a long weekend(At least in the US). I would like to bring to your attention that we recently posted on SELECT Downloads, Civil Content for Visualisation This is a free download that contains a variety of 3D cells libraries. There are cells for light posts, traffic poles, street furniture, and other traffic control devices.


This will compliment the content that MicroStation provides, like the Audi shown above.

It can be found on SELECT Downloads by setting the following categories:

Product: All            

Product line: Content                   

Release language: English

Download category: Enhancements and Updates

Files posted with last: All   

I hope that these cells will be helpful to add depth to your OpenRoads models, and also provide a little fun while dressing up your designs.


  • This was so hard to find!!! I attended a "Bentley Bash" event in Phoenix where they talked about this, and the presenter told us to download this from SELECT downloads. I have been looking for it for hours. Finally I decided to go into Bentley communities and type "civil content", which is how I got here. I guess the missing part of the puzzle was to go to the "CONTENT" product Line. I'm glad I found this post, and I hope other users don't have to struggle like I did... on another note, the newest release of SS3 seemed to try to install this Civil content, but it failed. Just an FYI.



  • According to the installation instructions, I need to Copy the visualization configuration file “Visualization.cfg” to the Microstation workspace standards configuration folder.  I cannot find this visualization.cfg file anywhere. Do you have any suggestions?

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