Elements Disappear when Zooming In

The following issue was submitted to Bentley Technical Support. This issue has been transferred to this forum so that the community can benefit from the troubleshooting techniques and resolution.

As soon as I open DGN files after a specific person in our office worked on it, the line elements disappear when zooming in. For example, when you have a line and you zoom in, after a certain distance the line disappears.  When you zoom back out, after a certain distance, the line reappears.

I tried the following solutions neither of them worked (these solutions were found on Be Communities):

•  Another simple trick to fix elements with incorrect range issues is to force microstation to rotate everything by 0 degrees. Using a very small fence with nothing in it, then rotating all elements by 0 degrees will have no visible effect, but will cause microstation to re-evaluate each element's range, and should reset it.

Place a fence (use a very small fence with no elements in it)
Rotate method: active angle > set to 0 degrees...
About element center: doesn't matter if it is checked or not since degrees is 0 copies: unchecked
Use fence: checked and set to void-overlap

• You mentioned that this happens to "some" colleagues.  If this behavior does not happen to the same file on some computers, you may have a video card/driver issue.  I've seen similar behavior in the past, and one solution was to go to the Troubleshoot tab on the Advanced Settings of the display properties and move the hardware acceleration slider back a couple of notches. 

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  • Creating the 2D drawing did work for me as well but in the process, I would lose over 40 saved views so I had to revert back to the former drawing. In doing this however, it made me think about the Z component so I began to look at the references and individual elements and found that somehow when copying a reference or an element, they had been assigned a Z value that was in the order of 1.249E-10 (not exactly 0) so I reset the Z value to 0 and things worked fine. Still not sure if it was something that I snapped to that caused it to assign such an arbitrary value but at least I found out what was causing the zooming issue.
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