InRoads Storm & Sanitary: Display Crossing Pipes In A Roadway Profile?


I apologize if this question has been asked before.  This question seems so simple as to be all but laughable, but I have seen no way to do this (or to cannot get it to work):

I want to cut a roadway profile and have it display crossing pipes from a SDB file.  Or, I want to place pipes from a SDB into an existing roadway profile.  How is it done?

Seems simple, but I cannot get anything to work.  I've tried the View Commands under the Drainage menu, and also the create profile and update profile commands. 

Other users in my office do it via a workaround: they view the pipes as 3D lines, then import those as a DTM and view crossing features from the DTM.  That's very time consuming.  There is no way to display the pipes as 3D lines and differentiate them based on siize by displaing them on different levels, colors, etc, to say nothing of assigning the feature styles to all the different pipe sizes.  No thanks.

I know there has to be a command built into the software to do this - where is it and how is it used?


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