Component quantities and clipping references


Today I noticed to my surprise, that a clipped reference is not calculated at the component quantities. Am I doing something wrong (see attachements)?

Will there be in the next version of Open Roads an easy and accurate way (like to calculate quantities tool, if I don't use clipping references) to calculate quantities of multiple corridors, Civil Cells and terrains at once?
Civil cells for example are at this moment dramatically to calculate / costs a lot of time. 

Regards Louis

Example of component quantities with a clipped reference.

Example of component quantities without a clipped reference. Like you can see are the quantities the same.

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  • Hi Mark, I did some test with four methods, Component Quantities (CQ), Element Component Quantities (ECQ), Named Boundaries (NB) and selecting and obtain the volume property (SEL). ECQ dont calculate Cut/Fill, and the results are diferente to CQ, less volume in ECQ in only 1 component. The SEL is similar to CQ, and NB is similar to CQ. I have another corridor (30km) and ECQ are twice than CQ.

    Wich is the mos trustly result? How can put all my sections in the same space to do an array (NB)? How works this 3 methods to quantify?