Component quantities and clipping references


Today I noticed to my surprise, that a clipped reference is not calculated at the component quantities. Am I doing something wrong (see attachements)?

Will there be in the next version of Open Roads an easy and accurate way (like to calculate quantities tool, if I don't use clipping references) to calculate quantities of multiple corridors, Civil Cells and terrains at once?
Civil cells for example are at this moment dramatically to calculate / costs a lot of time. 

Regards Louis

Example of component quantities with a clipped reference.

Example of component quantities without a clipped reference. Like you can see are the quantities the same.

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  • Hej,

    Corridor Component Quantities will not consider clipping and this is clearly stated in the dialog box - actually it calculates EAV behind the scene, see report. Element Component Quantities takes volumes form 3D elements in your Model, this volumes should match what you get from Quantities by Named Boundaries providing you are selecting the same elements that fall into given Named Boundary.. However Element Component Quantities will not report on Cut/fill meshes while the Quantities by Name Boundaries will.

    Funny thing, this forum thread is quite an old one , and I see my post from 2013 where I was dreaming of a tool like Quantities by Named Boundaries at that time. Now we got it Slight smile