InRoads SS3 - template drop sync

Using InRoads SS3.

Simple corridor with just a few template drops. Some template drops were edited in corridor (from Corridor Object level). dgn file with corridor was closed. When re-opened I wanted to synchronize templates in corridor with my itl library. Itl library is opened, but when trying to synchronize template drops with library, I get warning notice that template can't be find in the library file. (In corridor objects template points to correct path in the library).

My workaround is to copy folder in itl file to other name, and then change template drops  instead of synchronizing them.

One more thing, why we can not synchronize all template drops at once. Neither via corridor objects nor in project explorer.  For now I do it in Project explorer, I deactivate corridors rules and click one template drop by another.

Being by the template synchronization, is there an option to backsynchronize template in library to one editet in corridor? With ird files we could re-import template drop from corridor to itl library via template library organizer.

Anyone have similar concerns and problems?

Thank you.

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  • Yes, start a new thread so that people can more easily see that you need help. Old threads "look" closed to a lot of people.Start with your software version, just like you showed here. The ProjectWise (as you also mentioned here) is also important - there could be something going on with ProjectWise as easily as it might be GeoPak.

    Then explain,, in as much detail as you can what happened, what you've tried, and what results or error messages you are getting. The more detailed information you can give us, the more easily we can rule out some issues, and get into the heart of what might not be working.

    And with that, I haven't run into this problem yet, so I have no further advice. Good luck!


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